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Terms & Conditions


Returns and refunds are not excepted.

The multi-tracks that you provide must be ready for mixing.

All tracks must be clearly labelled (acousticguitar/leadvocal/bass etc)
Tracks can be mono or stereo.

You must consolidate your session into individual files (or stems) from either the start point of your song (bar 1 beat 1) or from the very beginning of your project (0 seconds)

Please insure that you double check all your files are correct before uploading.

If you have midi instruments please bounce them as audio files of the required sound before you upload. We only need audio files.

Ideally please supply your stems with no FX (reverb/delay) unless the effect is specifically required (guitar pedal fx etc)

Stems to be in either .WAV or .AIFF files at 44.1khz or 48khz Sample Rate & 16 or 24 Bit Rate

Please ensure that all of your stems are of the same file type, bit rate and sample rate.

Please do not send sessions (logic/pro tools etc)

When you are ready to send your files please email any mix requests that you have, or if there is a rough mix you would like to include as a reference then add it to your upload (this does not effect your track count)

Any mix revisions should be sent to us within 24 hours of you receiving your mixes.

Timing of instruments and tuning vocals and is not related to arrangement or structure.


Editing and quantizing is only available if your track was recorded to a click track at the correct BPM of the song.

Please be aware that timing instruments and tuning vocals can only achieve a certain amount.

If excessive tuning or timing is needed it is sometimes not possible to avoid audible consequences of using these techniques.


Large amounts of editing can also lead to longer turnaround times.

Your tracks will be mastered for CD production and the final mastered mix will be supplied as .WAV files and its staff have the right to refuse any mix if it does not adhere to the guidelines stated in these terms and conditions.

Full payment must be made up front before work can begin.

Mixing will only begin once full payment has been received.

I aim to get your mixes back to you as quickly as possible.

I keep your mix sessions and all associated files on our system for a maximum of 1 month after the mix has been delivered. It is your responsibility to back up your mixes. and its staff strive always to provide the best possible service.

I treat all of my clients and their work with the highest regard and ensure that my level of work remains at industry standard at all times.


I hereby give you permission and you agree to include the following credit in relation to any CD or other record that has been mixed/edited/tuned/mastered/programming/instrumentation by

Charlie Thomas at onlineservices and released to the public by you:
Mixed/Mastered/Tuned/Instrumentation (edit depending on service used) by Charlie Thomas

Such credit shall be included in a suitable place in the inner sleeve liner notes of the CD or record and shall be in the same size, typeface and font as any other similar information included in such liner notes.


After completion of your service will send you an email of what this credit should read depending on your service.


Charlie Thomas shall retain all the standard PPL and performance royalty agreements where applicable.


If we choose to, has the right to use part or all of your mix as an example of its online service to other clients. This includes uploading it to online websites such as so that others may hear it.

Payment is excepted directly through Stripe via or we also except Direct Bank Transfer and PayPal.

Payments must be made upfront before any work will commence.

Multiple track and custom packages of all online services are also available via direct contact at declares that it will not share any of your personal information or payment details.

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